Women for WineSense was formed in 1990 as a way to promote women working in the wine industry. As it evolved, it became not only one of the premiere resources for wine education and networking, but also a welcoming organization for people simply in love with wine.

Our mission is simple: We are committed to being the premier wine organization offering outstanding programs, member benefits, and networking opportunities to industry professionals and wine enthusiasts.



2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Janece Long Says:

    Hello: I was a member of Women for Winesense when it was first organized and I was still working in the CA Secretary of State’s office and had not started my own business, Made in California Ltd. In order to include California wine in my giftboxes of all California products – fancy foods, fine wines, wonderful keepable gift items – I must be a retailer with a bricks and mortar location and a Type 20 CA ABC Permit. I have had one of those in several locations since 1993 and now I have a lovely gift shop called, naturally, Made in California AND The Nut Tree General Store. Ours is a new venue on the site of the original Nut Tree, one of California’s beloved roadside attractions that met its demise in 1995, sat neglected and overrun until 2005 when the current developers bought the property. All this is to invite all members of Women for Winesense to stop by my store and see what we have to offer. Whe have 12 wineries here in Solano County and I carry wine from 6 of them. I also offer wine from Napa, Sonoma, Potter Valley, etc. I attended the event at Greystone last year and was totally overwhelmed by the information in the lectures, the food at lunch, the camaderie with women wine makers and the gorgeous setting. I had to rush back and missed the afternoon reception but it was in full swing and I felt I had been cheated by not getting to attend so I droved home feeling very sorry for myself. I look forward to seeing you soon and be sure to mention W4WS to get your discount. Cheers,

    Janece Long, Owner
    Made in California Ltd.
    Nut Tree Village
    1661 E. Monte Vista Ave., Ste. 107
    Vacaville, CA 95687

  2. Kathryn Blum Says:

    Hi Janece,
    Glad to hear your business is expanding! I used to go to The Nut Tree every year for Easter with my family…ride the train, eat that pineapple and marshmallow salad 🙂

    We look forward to hopefully seeing you at some WWS events in the future!


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