Erica Rosasco!

You may recall in our last newsletter a call to complete your online WWS profile. Several members submitted their profiles in hopes of winning the prize (a lovely, hand-selected bottle of wine, of course!) Some terrific submissions came from several members, including Jackie Egidio, Controller at Rudd Wines, and Kathie Barclay, President of Barclay Marketing Solutions.

Now, if you just tried those links to Jackie or Kathie’s profiles, you’ll have discovered that you must be logged in as a Member of WWS in order to view their wonderful biographies. The privileges of membership!

Here’s the cincher to making the most of your membership: Was one of the reasons you joined WWS to network and connect with other wine enthusiasts and industry representatives? Perhaps you hope to make a connection to your next, great career move in the wine biz? I, myself, have received a few phone calls and emails from interested parties for new business specifically because of my WWS profile! This is exactly what membership in WWS is all about.

And yet, the vast majority of members either have not filled out an online profile or have not made that profile available for view by other members!

Are you now wondering whether or not the profile you so carefully filled out is viewable by your co-members? Here’s how you find out:

  1. Go to the Membership Directory on our website.
  2. Select the Search By Last Name (default) field and type your last name in the Search For field. Press Search.
  3. If your name displays in the results list with the View button shown to the right, you can click on View to see the profile. If the View button does not display, no one can see your profile—only your name information shown in the results list.

To make your profile public for viewing:

  1. From any page on the WWS website, click on Profile to the right of the Logout button above the left column menu. (You must be logged in for this to work!)
  2. Now edit your Biography page and make this selection here for full viewing:

  1. Save your changes on this page.

The Visibility field offers many options. You don’t have to show everything. Click on the drop down arrow to see all the options for viewing (or not).

Just remember: no one can learn about you unless they can SEE your information.

If you’re flummoxed by the technical hurdles in our website to create your profile, easy-to-follow instructions for How to: Complete Your Profile in a Snap! are available on our blog, printable or downloadable as a PDF.

Oh, and Erica? She’s a whiz-bang litigation attorney in the Sacramento area. She comes from a cattle ranching family, is married and has a little girl. And, yes, she loves a nice glass of wine after a hard day at court! Congratulations, Erica, in winning a lovely bottle of wine to celebrate another victory in court with your winning profile.

We’d very much like to feature other member profiles in future issues. But even those of us on the Napa-Sonoma board of directors cannot see your profile to do so if you haven’t chosen a public visibility option!