Fifty WWS women gathered last night at Domaine Carneros sipping sparkling wine and learning the history behind those beautiful bubbles. Eileen Crane captivated the packed room as she took us on the sparkling wine trail from Napolean through World Wars and finally finishing in present day Napa.

With a fire crackling in the fireplace, we held our flutes up to the light, looking at those tiny bubbles and clinking with our neighbors, “Sante!”. It’s bad luck, afterall, to toast with an empty glass, and the wonderful staff at Domain Carneros: Jan, Peggy, and Jeanine, kept our glasses full as we toasted and tasted though Brut, Brut Rose, Le Reve Blanc de Blanc, and finished with a silky and elegant Pinot Noir. Aaah, the holidays.

WSS President Christine Mueller launched us into our toasts as many scrambled to the silent auction tables for some holiday shopping ( special thanks to our donors). After we recovered from learning that the term “toast” comes from the old Roman practice of dropping a piece of charred bread into a wine glass (yuck!- this helped offset the taste of bad or off wines-thank goodness for modern day wine practices), WWS members read their toasts, which are listed below in the following categories: Romantic, Profound, and Funny. Wishing you good blessings, good health, good friends, and good wine this holiday season.


¨      Cool breeze…Warm fire…Full moon…Easy chair…Empty plates…Soft words…Sweet songs…Tall tales…Short sips…Long life   –John Egerton

Submitted by WWS Member Andrea Salvemini

¨      The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman’s heart. ~J. G. Holland

¨      We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine. ~ Eduardo Galeano


¨      May your glasses, chalices, and goblets be transformed into Cornucopia, your Horn of Plenty…that your life be filled with whatever fruits you desire…that you be blessed with abundance…to enjoy and to share…bringing new and renewed blessings to life! ~Pres. WineSpirit, David White

Submitted by WWS Member Liz Thach

¨      May the happiest days of your past be the saddest days of your future.

Submitted by WSS President Christine Mueller

¨      Be at War with your voices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better [Woman].

Submitted by WWS Member Geraldine Sbragia

¨      Cheers! to the lessons of the past, the promised challenges of the future, and to a bright New Year! ~Lori’s Father

Submitted by WWS Member Lori Frederickson

To a rich and bountiful harvest
History: A peasant’s legend about wine and war.

¨     To announce the coming of war ,the Lord sends a bad crop;
While the war rages, He sends mediocre ones;
To mark its end, He sends a rich and bountiful crop.

Submitted by WWS Member Bronwyn Proust


¨     May all your pain be champagne.  ~Anonymous

¨     In victory, you deserve champagne, in defeat, you need it. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Submitted by WWS Member Barbara Paige

¨     May you always work like you don’t need the money; May you always love like you’ve never been hurt; and may you always dance like there’s nobody watching. ~Jack Canfield

Submitted by WWS Member Thayne Cockrum

¨     To the sun that warmed the vineyard, To the juice that turned to wine, To the host who cracked the bottle, And made it yours and mine.

Submitted by WWS Member Ann Reynolds